Havas Life Metro Gives Back

So what do you do when the powers that be inform you that you’re moving out of your office space and you’re only allowed to bring a milk crate worth of stuff with you? In agency land, that’s practically nothing! Where do your samples go? Your files? All the bizarre media tchotchkes you’ve accrued over the years? And how many things are you going to have to throw away just to get down to your one precious milk crate?

You can get angry about it and protest how little you can bring, or try to bargain your way into more than one crate. Or you can embrace it and turn lemons into lemonade. That’s what the HLM Chicago team decided to do when we were asked to purge all of our excess office supplies.

We went through our countless drawers and supply closets to collect unused paper, folders, binders, post-it notes, pens, pencils and more. Then we found a Chicago Public School in need of all those supplies.

Courtenay Language Arts Center is a school in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. A school without the budget for textbooks to teach from or proper school supplies to work with. The teachers often have to make copies of chapters for their students or buy the supplies they need out of their own salaries. This school needed help!

As an Account Supervisor here, I can speak on behalf of the entire HLM Chicago team and say we were all very proud to personally deliver 10 boxes of unused printer paper, and another 810 boxes of pens, folders, binders, and other miscellaneous supplies that were just sitting in drawers and closets in our office. There were enough supplies for four full classrooms to last the entire 2014-2015 school year!

There’s no greater joy than seeing relief on the faces of teachers and excitement on the faces of children, and knowing that the supplies you aren’t using can help someone else. At HLM, helping others is one of the core values that makes us stand out amongst our peers. It’s our passion to ensure that at the end of the day we make a difference. And this week, at Courtenay, we did just that.