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Jennifer Shirley - President, Michael McNamara - President, Noel Castro - Managi
Jennifer Shirley
Michael McNamara

Anyone can start an Ad Agency. Anyone can do projects that reach HCPs & Patients.
Anyone can hire people to work late nights and hit deadlines for clients.

But only the flagship Agency of the Havas Life network can do it with a certain kind of passion, innovation, and sense of
partnership that is bound to impress. We are Havas Life Metro, and we do things epically.

Founded more than 30 years ago as the cornerstone of what is now the Havas Health & You network, Havas Life Metro has been delivering epic ideas and epic results for brands from big to small. For clients from Biotech startups to Big Pharma. And in marketing situations from breakthrough interventions to late-to-market entries.

It all stems from a flexible approach and tireless work ethic dedicated to making things better. Whether the deliverable is a blockbuster global campaign, a targeted social media program, or an innovative way to engage with customers-we've done it and done it in epic fashion.

Havas Life Metro is represented by 140+ employees in 2 offices, one on Madison Ave in New York City, the other in downtown Chicago. Our people represent a wide variety of specialties and talents and have backgrounds that span from scientists to musicians. This diversity is the DNA that enables us to generate unique and actionable perspectives on how to approach all types of market situations, foster a creative culture, and ultimately solve problems to create true change.

The leadership team of Jennifer Shirley, Michael McNamara, and Noel Castro brought their unique backgrounds together to form a team that has Best-in-Class Marketing, Client Service, and Creative. Together, they embody what Havas has always represented-passion, trustworthiness, transparency, and quality.

At Havas Life Metro, we are unified by the way we work. While the advertising industry has a history of people focused on awards and their own success, one of our central tenets is that our success is our clients' success. We don't believe in grandstanding, egos, bullies, or know-it-all divas. We work as collaborators to bring out the best in each other and our clients' extended team. In sum, we are epic and will deliver epic for you.


Of course, Havas Life Metro has the core competencies of many other agencies-HCP, Patient, and Caregiver marketing. Havas Life Metro also has the advantage of being a medium-sized agency with the vast resources available within the Havas Health & You network, which has 4000+ employees globally.

Some of the Havas Health & You agencies that we partner with most frequently include:
- Symbiotix-Medical Communications
- Havas Gemini-Access & Payer Marketing
- HVH-Analytics, specializing in targeting hard-to-reach patients
- Havas PR-Traditional & social media
- HPS-Production & Pull-Through
- Havas Media-One of the top media agencies worldwide

With one P&L across the Havas Health & You network, we can provide these services seamlessly as one team.

So feel free to reach out. Whether you want a full-blown capes presentation, have an RFI to send over, or just want to grab a beer and get to know us, we are here for you at Havas Life Metro.

Michael McNamara

Jennifer Shirley


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So what do you do when the powers that be inform you that you’re moving out of your office space and you’re only allowed to bring a milk crate worth of stuff with you? In agency land, that’s practically nothing! Where do your samples go? Your files? All the bizarre media tchotchkes you’ve accrued over the years? And how many things are you going to have to throw away just to get down to your one precious milk crate?