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Dorothy Gemmell - President, Havas Life New York
Dorothy Gemmell
President, Havas Life New York

Havas Life New York. We tap into one of the busiest, most diverse, and most culturally significant cities in the world to bring together a motivated team, industry leading clients, and a passion for making a difference.

We work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of understanding how behavior, technology, and healthcare intersect and we use that insight to create multichannel experiences that inspire, motivate, and activate our client’s customers and the people they take care of.

This only happens when you bring together brilliant people, a collaborative culture, and visionary leaders.  Together we create the experiences that enable organizations to contribute to a healthier society.

Take a look at some of the work we’re most proud of, consider our point of view, and meet some our amazing people.


The traditional landscape of health and wellness promotion is shifting—gone are the days of interruptive push communications, massive sales forces, and collateral print campaigns. Welcome to the age of customized conversations taking place in a connected and quantifiable digitized ecosystem across multiple devices. Welcome to the future. It’s happening now, and it’s already changing again.

To make a sustainable impact, you need to deliver content when, where, and how the audience prefers, using a variety of media and channels. Perhaps you “just” need award-winning creative to truly differentiate your Brand. Great. Maybe you need long-range strategic planning and market development. Or first of its kind experience dimensionalizing the brand experience. Or a multicultural, multichannel DTC effort aligned with non-personal professional and payer engagement.

Whatever you need, our Creative Business Ideas® engage HCPs, patients/caregivers, and payers when they’re most receptive to help your Brand get ahead today. Havas Life New York is more than a fully unified suite of services; we’re the partner who is out in front, pushing boundaries, iterating, creating the next big thing, and continuously improving—for you. We’re getting to the Future First. Experience the one.


Dorothy Gemmell
Havas Life New York
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Global & US Physician Digital Persona

Digital is changing the way HCPs practice, globally. Understanding your target's full digital ethnographic profile: preferences, usage and behavior toward digital media is the first step to shifting & prioritizing your marketing efforts across the digital landscape. Havas Life NYC delivers insight-driven strategies that activate connections. The conversation starts here! (Havas Life New York is formerly known as Euro RSCG Life Metamax)


10:46 AM Feb 26th from

Last week marked Social Media Week’s (SMW) 5th anniversary in NYC. For those of you who aren’t familiar, SMW is one entire week devoted to celebrating social media trends and featured social thought leaders/speakers, panels, interactive workshops, case studies and best practices for brands, advertisers and agencies to partake in.

Why HLNY attended SMW